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CSA- Community Supported Agriculture


What is it?

The Community Supported Agriculture model connects you directly to a local food producer in your community. You sign up before the start of the growing season, and we use small-scale, traditional, natural methods to grow fresh, local vegetables for you all season long. Along with the farmers, CSA members share the unavoidable natural risks of farm -- if certain crops fail we are disappointed together but we rejoice when the harvest is plentiful. 

People choose the CSA option for a variety of reasons: to support alternatives to industrial agricultural production and large corporate distribution; to shop and eat locally, reducing transportation distances and supporting the community; to know exactly where your food is coming from and how it is being produced (with opportunities even for hands-on participation); to commit to eating better quality, fresher, more nutritious food and to have a healthier and happier life. 

The Options

This year we are offering a Flexible CSA.

 Regular or Large size baskets are available weekly from the beginning of July through to the first week of October. If you don't want a basket every week, no problem! Just check the box for each week you want one. Expect 6-10 different vegetables per basket, regularly including lettuce, carrots, onions, and garlic, plus a changing variety of whatever is in season. 

Regular Size: $30/basket
Large Size: $38/basket
Limited Spots Available

Pre orders are also available for pickling and storage vegetables

Click here to order. 

How it Works

Starting the first week of July (date TBD) your basket will be available for pick up at our farm and 2 other drop off locations (Airdrie and Cochrane). We are planning on having Farm and Cochrane pickups to be weekly. Airdrie will be every other week on Even weeks. All pick up locations are conditional on sufficient subscriptions sold.  

If you cannot pick up your basket at the allotted time you are welcome to send someone else to pick it up for you. If the basket is not picked up it will be donated or absorbed back into our farm.

New this year; you get to pick the size of basket you want. Our large basket has 30% more for families, those sharing, or anyone who really loves vegetables! You also get to pick how many weeks you want to receive baskets and exactly what weeks you get them. No need to worry about missing if you're away for holidays, just don't pick the weeks you're away. You can pick 1 basket or all 14, the choice is yours.

Lil Flock Farm CSA Members receive:

  • Seasonal fresh vegetables

  • Flexibility in basket size, weeks, and pick up location

  • Weekly unboxing of the basket and videos/pictures of how we use some of the week's vegetables

  • A private Facebook group to share recipes, tips or ask questions 

  • First dibs to purchase any extra vegetables/items we have available every week (Add-Ons)

  • Members only U-pick pumpkin/squash event

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